Our pizzaiolo makes our dough fresh daily and each base is hand opened, 
using traditional and authentic techniques. 
Our pizza bases are approximately 33 cm and are lightly topped using quality gourmet ingredients. 
Gluten free bases are available at an additional cost, and are approximately 27 cm 
(these are not made in house)
Our traditional pizzas are cooked in our woodfired oven, using local sourced Iron bark timber,
giving a natural smoked flavour to all pizzas.
Remember when placing orders, you specify all allergies & special dietary requirements so we can complete your order correctly. 
or call us now on 02 4739 0485
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vegan pizza

bruschetta pizza                          VG G/F D/F V                     14

crust base topped with fresh roma tomato garlic basil

extra virgin olive oil balsamic reduction

garlic tomato crust                      VG G/F D/F V                     10

crust base authentic pizza sauce garlic oregano fresh parsley

extra virgin olive oil

vegetariana                                  VG G/F D/F V                     16

authentic pizza sauce grilled eggplant zucchini baby spinach

roasted capsicum cherry tomatoes

mushroom avocado                     VG G/F D/F V                     17

authentic pizza sauce mushroom cherry tomato avocado

wild rocket extra virgin olive oil

pizze bianche

garlic pizza                                   VG G/F                             12

garlic infused extra virgin olive oil base with mozzarella 

cheese and parsely

potato rosemary                          VG G/F                              15

garlic oil sliced potato fiori di latte fresh rosemary oregano

extra virgin olive oil

australiana                                   G/F                                   18

fresh chicken mushroom roasted capsicum onion

fiori di latte bbq sauce

san daniele                                   G/F D/F                               20

fiori di latte aged prosciutto wild rocket shaved parmesan

4 formaggi                                   VG G/F                              19

sweet italian gorgonzola fiori di latte parmesan brie cheeses

sour cream

calzone al forno (folded pizza)    VG D/F V                           18

fiori di latte mushroom baby spinach leg ham fresh ricotta

napolitana sauce

pizze rosse

margherita                                   VG G/F                              13

authentic pizza sauce fiori di latte fresh basil

napoletana                                  VG G/F                               16

anchovies dried italian olives oregano basil fiori di latte

pizza sauce

tropicale                                      G/F                                             16

diced pineapple leg ham pizza sauce fiori di latte 

suprema                                       G/F                                    19

authentic pizza sauce fiori di latte mushroom sopressa salami

leg ham roasted capsicum onion dried italian olives

rustica                                          G/F                                      20

fiori di latte sopressa salami pancetta leg ham pork sausage

pizza sauce

carciofini                                      G/F                                      22

fresh prawns marinated artichokes aged prosciutto cherry

tomato pizza sauce fiori di latte

salsiccia                                        G/F                                     18

pizza sauce fiori di latte hot italian salami mushrooms

pork sausage chilli flakes

vegetariana                                  G/F VG                               18

grilled eggplant zucchini baby spinach roasted capsicum

cherry tomato fiori di latte pizza sauce

capricciosa                                   G/F                                        17

mushroom marinated artichokes leg ham dried italian olives

pizza sauce fiori di latte

gamberi                                       G/F                                      21

baby spinach fresh prawns pizza sauce cherry tomato

fiori di latte chilli flakes

chicken avocado                          G/F                                       19

pizza sauce fiori di latte fresh chicken avocado cherry tomato

wild rocket

diavola                                         G/F                                      17

fiori di latte pizza sauce hot italian salami fresh chilli

dessert pizza - sides

nutella pizza                          VG G/F                                     16

11 inch pizza base topped with nutella crushed hazelnuts

icing sugar                                         add fresh strawberries  4

rocket parmesan salad          VG G/F D/F V                           12

wild rocket leaf tossed with a light balsamic vinegar &

extra virgin olive oil dressing and aged parmesan 

garden salad                         VG G/F D/F V                            14

mixed leaf salad with cucumber cherry tomato tossed with

extra virgin olive oil & balsamic dressing


focaccia bread                      vegetarian / vegan                       6

woodfired focaccia topped with garlic oil and rosemary served

with balsamic & extra virgin olive oil 

woodfired fresh bread loaf   vegetarian / vegan                       6

traditional italian woodfired homemade bread 

salt & pepper calamari         gluten free                               15

lightly floured calamari seasoned with salt and pepper spice

accompanied with homemade garlic aioli

arancini                                 vegetarian                                       12

traditional rice balls filled with a wild mushroom risotto, lightly

crumbed and fried, served with napoletana sauce and aged parmesan

mussels pizzaiola                                                               15

fresh mussels pan tossed with white wine, garlic, homemade

napoletana sauce, herbs & chilli

garlic prawns                                                                      18

fresh prawns cooked with garlic and extra virgin olive oil

finished with napoletana sauce

spaghetti alla verdure.jpg
gnocchi ragu2.jpg
tagliatelle con frutti di mare2.jpg

when ordering pasta,

select the sauce and then the pasta you would like 

pasta options are

spaghetti / fettuccine / risotto / fusilli /

gnocchi + $2 / gluten free spaghetti + $3

boscaiola                                                                             13

pan tossed onion, garlic, bacon, sliced mushroom and shallots finished with fresh cream

marinara                                                                             18

a medley of fresh prawns, vongole, calamari & mussels

finished with a mild chilli napoletana sauce

veal ragu                                                                            16

slow braised veal with garlic, red capsicum & onion in 

a homemade napoletana sauce topped with shaved parmesan

4 cheese                                                                                     14

a creamy cheese sauce made with italian blue cheese,

classic brie, aged parmesan and mozzarella with a dash of cream

vegetarian                                                                          11

pan tossed cherry tomato, garlic & baby spinach with roasted

pine nuts, white wine and extra virgin olive oil

pomodorro                                                                         10

homemade napoletana sauce pan tossed with your choice of

pasta and served with shaved parmesan

chicken & mushroom                                                         12

fresh chicken pieces pan tossed with mixed mushrooms

cream and parmesan cheese

italian sausage                                                                   13

mixed italian pork sausages pan tossed with garlic, napoletana

sauce and fresh cream topped with shaved parmesan 

grated parmesan          100 g                                                   3

freshly grated 18 month aged parmesan

chilli oil                         100 g                                                   3

freshly chopped red chilli in oil


trio cannoli                      (3 per serve)                                     8

homemade cannoli shells filled with pistachio & sweet ricotta,

vanilla cream and chocolate mousse filling

tiramisu                                                                                               6

coffee infused sponge layered with marsala mascarpone

cream and chocolate shavings

vanilla panna cotta                                                             7

silky smooth custard like pudding flavoured with vanilla beans,

topped with berry coulis and homemade crostoli

sticky date pudding                                                                          7

homemade sticky date pudding served with butterscotch sauce