when ordering pasta,

select the sauce and then the pasta you would like 

pasta options are

spaghetti / fettuccine / risotto / fusilli 

gnocchi + $2 / gluten free spaghetti + $3


boscaiola                                                                            13

pan tossed onion, garlic, bacon, sliced mushroom and

shallots finished with fresh cream

marinara                                                                             18

a medley of fresh prawns, vongole, calamari & mussels

finished with a mild chilli napoletana sauce

veal ragu                                                                            16

slow braised veal with garlic, red capsicum & onion in 

a homemade napoletana sauce topped with shaved parmesan

4 cheese                                                                                       14

a creamy cheese sauce made with italian blue cheese,

classic brie, aged parmesan and mozzarella with a dash of cream

vegetarian                                                                          11

pan tossed cherry tomato, garlic & baby spinach with roasted

pine nuts, white wine and extra virgin olive oil

pomodorro                                                                         10

homemade napoletana sauce pan tossed with your choice of

pasta and served with shaved parmesan

chicken & mushroom                                                           12

fresh chicken pieces pan tossed with mixed mushrooms

cream and parmesan cheese

italian sausage                                                                   13

mixed italian pork sausages pan tossed with garlic, napoletana

sauce and fresh cream topped with shaved parmesan 

grated parmesan          100 g                                                   3

freshly grated 18 month aged parmesan

chilli oil                         100 g                                                   3

freshly chopped red chilli in oil

mixed garden salad                                                             12

mixed leaf with cucumber & cherry tomatoes tossed with

extra virgin olive oil & balsamic dressing

rocket & parmesan                                                               12

fresh wild rocket leaf tossed with a light balsamic & extra

virgin olive oil dressing and freshly ground parmesan