Our History


Messrs Raine and Hirst purchased the property & began operating a milk bar on the front porch.


Following a new path, they open a Tea Room and call it Cheppy's. Tea rooms were the place to be seen, with many opening not just in the Blue Mountains, but all over Sydney.


The property continued to trade for many years, and was used in many different ways, even becoming a smallgoods store.

early 80's 

A dutch couple migrating to Australia, took over the business and create Cheppy's Restaurant, putting Blaxland on the map.

Ownership had changed hands in the mid to late 80's, but things only got better. Cheppy's Restaurant was the place to be, with great food & live entertainment, no one could go past it  without dropping in.

the 90's

A fire breaks out in the kitchen area of Cheppy's Restaurant, causing major damage, which leads the owners at the time, to sell the business. A local italian family decides to purchase the property, creating a traditional italian building keeping with its local surroundings. 

In true italian tradition for the love of food and entertaining large families, Michelangelo's Italian Restaurant was established. Creating a place for all to enjoy the broad italian cuisine.

early 20's

After offering Michelangelo's to the community for a long period of time, the family decides to sell the business. Two best friends, with a passion for italian food and restaurants, decide to take over.

Now operating for over 4 years, with a large selection of  traditional italian meals and beverages, prepared with quality local ingredients & highly reputable local and italian products,

Michelangelo's Italian Restaurant

is putting Blaxland back on the map.